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We are interconnected, and through design, I want to create products that activate people and communities in a more holistic way.

Today, as a freelance Lifestyle Goods Designer, I enjoy working on a variety of products- crafting, making, and inventing solutions that directly impact daily life.

Builder's bowl 1to1 1080x1080_edited.jpg


BuildersBowl is a sustainable developmental toy for children ages 6-36 months.Users can express their creativity on the unstable bowl, prompting them to focus on the construction and consider other factors such as weight distribution to balance the bowl and prevent a tip-over, teaching patience and problem-solving skills.

DominoPicnicTableSetForHAY_from top.jpg

Dominino Picnic Taple Set for HAY

Picnic table set with detachable legs and storage area for domino tiles at the bottom of tabletop with a picnic mat and shoulder bag.

*This product is not an actual product of “HAY". Third party brands, trademarks, and/or copyright materials are used here for demonstration purposes only as part of a student work.

Foco CMF applied.bip.92.jpg


Foco is a focus aid that guide users to adapt to the slow-deep-breathing technique to help users clear their thoughts by suggesting how to and how long they should go through inhale, hold and exhale stages.



A scenic GPS that helps to discover different view within limited time for people who live in a same neighborhood for a longtime.

Clothstic on iphone 14 pro_edited.jpg


Clothstic is a cloth curation app that suggests combinations with clothing users have. Clothstic provides combinations users can adjust and expand their fashion sense.

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