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About Me

Hi! I am June Seok Lee. I also go by Joseph!


I discovered design through cooking. The mix of ingredients, experimenting with different techniques, discovering the unexpected, allowed me to create dishes that were filled with love and care.

Today, as a Lifestyle Goods Designer, I enjoy working on a variety of products- crafting, making, and inventing solutions that directly impact daily life. I analyze pain points, explore user experiences and consider technologies from multiple areas, in order to create products and systems that flow seamlessly.


We are interconnected, and through design, I want to create products that activate people and communities in a more holistic way. Mixing ingredients together, I design lifestyle products that feed your soul.

About My Logo

From Korean letter "석"(ㅅ + ㅓ + ㄱ) which is a letter for my generation in my family

From Korean letter "이"(ㅇ + ㅣ) which is my family name

From Korean letter "준"(ㅈ + ㅜ + ㄴ) which is unique to me in my generation

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