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Foco, a unique product designed to enhance focus and calmness, this minimalist design incorporates a slow-deep breathing technique to clear one's thoughts and encourage deeper engagement in the current task.

3D Modeling, 3D Rendering

Mental Health, Breathing, Meditation

12 weeks

- Globally, anxiety increased by 25% according

  to WHO, 2022

- Stress (47%) and anxiety (39%) are the most

  common mental health conditions experienced.

From Mintel


We are living in the world of unlimited data and connections

People cannot survive 3 weeks without food,

                               3 days without water,

                               3 minutes without breathable air

According to the Rule of Threes For Survival

"I don't like putting aroma stickers on my masks because I don't like inhaling substances whether it is natural or not"
- Dante -


Design Consideration


Foco CMF applied.bip.72.jpg
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